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Free to Love Album

Thanks to the Musicians:
Ron Finn - electric guitars
Dave Marks - drums
Kevin Taylor - bass, keys, percussion

Wayne Saltzmann - drums
Danny Levine - cello
Michael Mattioli - vocals, guitars, keyboards, flute, saxophone, percussion, bass, synth & drum programming
Recorded by Michael Mattioli.
Additional recording by Ron Finn, Dave Marks, and Kevin Taylor.
Produced by Michael Mattioli.
All songs written by Michael Mattioli
Published by Hum Some Music, BMI
all rights reserved © 2022.
Engineered, edited, mixed and mastered by Michael Mattioli
Distributed by DistroKid
for Hum Some Music and
Michael Mattioli and Hi-Fi Records.
Cover photo by Megan MacCarthy.
Special thanks to: The Universe,
Mom and Dad, all the musicians I’ve played with and learned from, all of the teachers I’ve studied with, all of the people who have: encouraged me, discouraged me, employed me, enjoyed me, listened over the years, and anyone who doesn’t fit any of those categories. Extra special thanks to Angela Mattioli, Ginger Sledge, and Megan MacCarthy.

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