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Over the last few years Michael is guided to play and record music for meditations, relaxation, yoga therapy, marma therapy, and sound healing practices.

He is very hopeful this music will be helpful to people  from all walks of life. Music to Embody... 

January 30th 2022, the newest of his 8 meditation music albums "Flute Meditations Vol. 1" was released! 

Michael's upcoming debut R&B music album, "Free to Love," is nearly finished.  So far he has released 5 singles:  "Love Is Everything, "My Tender Heart,

""What Would Love Do Now," & "The Serenity Prayer."  The latest single, "Free To Love" is accessible now ONLY on the MM Music page on this site. Enjoy!


All of Michael's music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Deezer, iTunes, YouTube Music, and many other music services DistroKid distributes to.


Shout out to Angela Mattioli for the great logo designs!

Love and gratitude to my biggest fan and beautiful partner Megan MacCarthy, and to our new adventures together in Ireland, EmbodywithMM!


Thank you all so much for your continued love and support - it means the world to us!

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